API v2

Today we released the Dribbble API v2. This marks a pretty big shift for us as we’ve removed quite a few endpoints from v1.

We’ve seen many clever and inspiring uses of our API. In fact, we acquired the Balllin’ app and hired developer Devin Ross who has evolved it into the official Dribbble iOS app.

But maintaining an API is expensive–it’s easy to return JSON from an HTTP request, but it’s another thing altogether to provide support, have an ongoing strategy as to what data can be exposed, and to predict how your data will be used and affect your business. And, perhaps most taxingly, to police abuse.

In particular, we’ve seen a growing number of applications that violate our terms and continue to do so even when notified. Over the past months we’ve spent tremendous effort to suspend apps that are malicious in nature and/or break our API terms of use, but we’ve concluded that this isn’t the best use of our resources towards advancing the Dribbble design community. The costs simply outweigh the benefits. As such, we’ve made the difficult decision to scale back the API and v1 will be retired on March 26, 2018.

We’ve refocused v2 on providing a Publishing API. API v2 expands developers’ options for building applications and integrations that allow designers to publish their work on Dribbble, but removes the endpoints that offer aggregated streams of shots. We will continue to provide an endpoint to designers to list their own shots. Developers should plan to migrate their applications away from endpoints scheduled for removal. Developers should plan to migrate their applications away from the v1 endpoints scheduled for removal.

This was not an easy decision to make as we know many developers have used the Dribbble API to create experiences that provide design inspiration in a multitude of desktop, browser, and mobile apps.

As we continue to build out Dribbble API v2, we may consider extending additional endpoints to trusted, legitimate Dribbble apps on a case-by-case basis. Help us understand how your app impacts the Dribbble community by filling out our short v2 API survey.