Development Behind the Design

Did you know there is a ton of development behind Dribbble? Probably so, but you haven’t heard much about it before. We’ll be sharing what we’re working on behind the scenes, interviewing developers using the API, showing how we use libraries, extracting libraries from our code, and more.

Behind the Scenes

We have never been very public about what we’re actively developing or what we have planned for the future. While we aren’t guaranteeing we’ll be completely open, we would love to occasionally share the successes and failures we have while working on new features.

API Developers

Similar to Timeout interviews with designers we would like to talk with the developers who use our API. Beyond featuring products using the API it will hopefully help us learn more about how the API is used and help us plan for changes to it in the future. If you are interested, send me an e-mail with a brief description of how you are using it and any relevant links.

Open Source

Considering Dribbble is built on Rails and uses over 60 open source libraries, we’d like to start extracting and sharing some of our code. We have a couple of ideas on libraries we’d love to share in addition to possible patches and example uses for existing libraries.